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"You remember things that happend in another way if you experienced them with your own eyes. You keep a smile deeper in your mind than a name, you remember an atmosphere more clearly than the point of time, because you could feel the atmosphere.
It’s the colors that stay in your mind, the glow of white lights in a dark blue night..


Working in film business means living another life as a person that goes to the office every day and returns home in the evening.




You meet lots of interesting people if you’re working in film business. You’re living a close and intense life together and when the film is finished you part and maybe meet each other never again...“ – but sometimes you do...

(quote: Michael Ballhaus - loosely translated)

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Melli Kirchberger

I love to capture moments and people. Here you can see a small and mixed selection of different photos (please click for the full picture). 

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Melli Kirchberger

I mainly work as a first AC/focus puller in fictional projects and commercials, but I also love to work as a second AC because I like organizing stuff.

For me working as an AC means to be always on the DOPs side, not only in technical matters also in personal matters.

In general it is important to me to have a loyal, honest and friendly atmosphere, without any abuse of power on set.

Feel free to have a look at my Crew-United-profile to see a selection of projects I worked on.

Although I always have been a creative girl, my enthusiasm for film started pretty late. In 2007 I began to study multimedia and communications at Ansbach University of Applied Science.

I soon realized that film is such a powerful art genre and I also noticed that it’s nearly impossible to do a great film on your own, so you have to work together in a powerful team. Both of that convinced me and I started to work on lots of student film projects. I started as a runner or catering and ended as a DOP and teacher.

In 2012 I finished my studies with my bachelor-thesis about „Film and Emotion“.

During my studies I started working as a freelancer in various departments: production-assistant, assistant camera, camera operator, production-coordinator, post production… and even today I still like to do diverse jobs and projects.

My first paid jobs in film-business have been music-videos. I'm grateful that I started that way, because I love music and did my obligatory internship at MTV Germany Berlin. Working on music-videos wasn't always an easy going I'm proud I started the hard way.

From the end of 2014 to spring 2017 I worked at an agency as video allrounder, trainee teacher and producer until I wanted to focus again on working with the camera… and that’s what I’m doing now.

If you want to watch a few videos I did as a freelancer, student or in my job at the agency, just have a look at my YouTube-Channel.

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Melli Kirchberger

Melli Kirchberger

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